Redefining the express car wash experience one

at a time

Bringing people and their cars a superior car wash that is fast, easy, and fun.

Today more than ever, people have less time for the important things in life. Whether in the tunnel, at a kiosk, or in the vacuum lot, we make every minute count.







We Believe in Customer Centric Car Washes

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Robust Employee Training Program

Hands-on and virtual training program that helps employees serve well, stay employed, and grow their careers.

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Unmatched Customer Experience

Friendly, helpful, informed staff maximize every customer touchpoint from the kiosk to the vacuum lot.

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Loyal Customer Base

Operational excellence along with a community-minded presence drive consistent subscription base and customer loyalty.

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Superior Wash Quality & Technology

Ongoing investments into wash technology, treatments, and sustainability practices ensure a premium wash every time.

Our Commitments Drive Our Growth

Consistent investments in technology that will move the business forward in the long term.

Equipment and Treatments:

Driving improvements in wash quality, sustainability, and chemical wash treatments.

Customer Experience:

Improving customer touchpoints, POS technology, ecommerce, and streamlining subscription processes.


Our Family of Express Car Wash Brands

When it comes to our family of brands, we remain local and loyal. With continual growth, we recognize the importance of maintaining local brands for loyal customers. As we expand, we are careful to allow each site manager to continue to cater to the needs and preferences of the local community.

Happy Site Managers Say It All

We know that site owners and managers take a lot of pride in their jobs. Running a good express car wash isn’t always easy and the thought of having a new owner can create a lot of uncertainty.  This is why our management team has worked diligently to make the site acquisition process fast, easy, and beneficial for all those it impacts. With a hands-on approach – and an immediate investment in people, processes, and equipment – managers and staff often feel the additional resources and support from day one.

Quotation Mark

Prior to the Magnolia Wash acquisition, I had been running this car wash site for over 4 ½ years. When I was informed that my previous owners were going to sell this location, I was very nervous, because I did not know what to expect from the new company or if I was still going to have a job. Fast forward a few weeks after the sale, and I am highly impressed with the new team’s professionalism and knowledge of the car wash business. Everyone I have met has listened to me, met my needs as a General/Site Manager, and gone out of their way to help answer my questions in a timely manner. They have given me the tools that I need to be successful in this job. I feel that Magnolia truly has its employees’ and customers’ best interests in mind. I am excited and feel a renewed hope for the future of this company. I look forward to working with Magnolia.

William Gardner
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I’ve been in the car wash industry for almost five years. I’ve never experienced a transfer of ownership so obviously, I was nervous and had a lot of questions about it. However, that did not last long thanks to the professionalism of the Magnolia team. I was extremely relieved after talking to the team on a conference call. They made it very clear that they were here to help and would always have someone available to help when needed. The Magnolia team immediately invested in new supplies, site improvements, and provided us with the tools we need to be successful. Overall, working with Magnolia has been a great team effort and I look forward to continuing working together to make improvements at my location.

Tevin Lanon
Quotation Mark

The move to Magnolia has been a great experience with some newfound store autonomy. With multiple established vendor accounts and a dedicated company credit card, it makes purchasing at the site level that much easier. Also, being brought into Sonny’s OneWash program can come with wonderful benefits. The Magnolia compensation package was very generous, resulting in a pay raise for me. I am looking forward to my future with Magnolia and the great upward potential they can offer.

Ceilleon Beales
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The Magnolia Way

At Magnolia Wash Holdings, we understand that the express car wash industry is growing rapidly. And, while we are actively engaged in this revolution, we do so with a “founder’s mentality.” We are committed to providing customers with superior experiences and cars with unmatched wash quality and treatments.

With each site managed as if it were our first and only, we pride ourselves on having a management structure, training program, and focus on operational excellence that stands above others. This is reflected in our customer loyalty and sustained growth in new customers and subscribers.

As we continue to grow our family of brands, we remain committed to investing in operational excellence, customer experience, and innovative technology so that we may continue to deliver on our promises to our teams and our customers.